Rights & Responsibilities

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes the rights of patients and other people using the Australian Health system.

They cover:

  • What to expect as a patient
  • Access to health care
  • To be in a safe environment
  • To be treated with dignity and consideration
  • To be informed of all services and treatment
  • To be included in all decisions
  • The right to confidentiality of all personal information
  • To participate and give feedback

Your responsibilities:

  • To provide accurate and complete information with regard to your medical history
  • To take responsibility for the treatment plan recommended by your doctor
  • To accept medical instructions that are designed to help in your recovery or discuss these with your doctor if you are unhappy or unwilling to do so
  • To comment regarding any aspect of your care
  • To show courtesy and consideration when communicating with staff
  • To accept the consequences of your actions if you refuse treatment, or do not follow the health care instructions provided for you
Everyone works to together to ensure safe and high quality care is given to all patients

Contact Details

Contact Details

Southbank Day Surgery is located south of the river off Mill Point Road and offers free parking.

The main reception is located at the second small driveway approximately 20 meters past the main parking area.

The entrance to the MOHS and Dermatology area is on the left hand side on top of the ramp.

Please note, we do not offer after hours emergency services.