Oral Surgery

We have a range of maxillae and facial specialists focusing on oral health maintenance and care for patients of all ages. They work to address factors associated with dental caries and periodontal disease.

Staff assess patient's oral health through clinical examination and radiographs, provide treatment services and identify conditions requiring referral.

We have a highly dedicated and trained team to ensure your stay is a happy one. We take pride in ensuring that your experience with us is caring, understanding and informative.

Our goal is to help patients achieve oral health with a functioning, comfortable and aesthetic dentition.

Our friendly environment is equipped to meet all your needs
  • Dr Mario Alberghini

    Maxillae and Facial Surgery Specialises in maxillae and facial surgery
  • Mohan Rajalingam

    Oral Maxillae Specialises in oral maxillae
  • Clive Purcell

    Oral Maxillae Specialises in oral maxillae
  • Michael O Halloran

    Oral Surgeon

Contact Details

Contact Details

Southbank Day Surgery is located south of the river off Mill Point Road and offers free parking.

The main reception is located at the second small driveway approximately 20 meters past the main parking area.

The entrance to the MOHS and Dermatology area is on the left hand side on top of the ramp.

Please note, we do not offer after hours emergency services.